“See You Somewhere”: Aletta Mondré wins DGVN Dissertation Award

Alette MondréThe United Nations Association of Germany has announced former Global Norms fellow Aletta Mondré as the winner of this year’s award for the best PhD dissertation on a topic related to the United Nations system. In her dissertation “See You Somewhere: Forum Shopping in International Dispute Settlement”, Mondré asks under which conditions states choose either political or judicial instruments to settle their disputes. In her in-depth analysis of maritime border disputes between Greece and Turkey, China and Japan and Nicaragua and Honduras, she shows that three factors matter most: First and foremost, states choose the forum in which – unsurprisingly – they believe they stand the best chances to ‘win’ a dispute. If none of the available forums for dispute settlements appear superior in this regard, the secondary interests of states are to either satisfy their domestic voters or make a good impression on other members of the international community to garner support for their view of the conflict in question. The price will be officially awarded in a price ceremony in the city hall of Bonn on Friday, 9 May 2014 at 6:30 p.m.  The Global Norms team says: Well done, Aletta – and “See you somewhere” (if not in Bonn on 9 May)!

Quick Data: Topics and Themes in IAEA Discourses

In our collaborative research, we are examining changes in how international organizations try to legitimize their activities to various audiences. The larger goal is to identify patterns of changing norms that underpin the legitimization efforts of international organizations. Here’s a quick overview of some patterns for the case of the International Atomic Energy Agency. This is work-in-progress. Data for replication and other material is available here.

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